We care yours Gorgeous Glimpse, enhance the celebration with Navya’s makeover Bridal Makeup Services. “Navya Beauty Care and Spa” offers a various range of services for Bridal preparation or makeover. With trained makeup artists, we create a beautiful, memorable moment for every type of wedding, whether it’s your outfit, Jewellery, makeup or hairstyle.

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Bridal Makeup Services

We ensure that our works match with the outfit of the Bride. Mesmerize the day with our professional Bridal services.

Major Services Under Bridal Makeup: Henna/ Mehndi, Bridal Facial, Body Polishing, Body Massage, Pedicure, Manicure and Head Massage

Duration for “Bridal Preparation” for Final Day: 60 Days, 30 Days, 15 Days, 10 Days OR Same Day

Benefits of Appointment and More Preparation time for Bridal Makeup

Wedding is one time ceremony in your file. Where you will go to tie the knots for a lifetime. To prepare for marriage, we must ensure that your body must rejuvenate for that day. Instead, only applying makeup to your face, we tries to correct your outfits also. Removing Dark Patches and Dead Skin Cells, Toning and Hydrating the body’s skin, Removing Unwanted hairs, Making the skins to look glowing and smooth, complete manicure and pedicure etc. are major services for Bride. If anything we missed the information here in this article, you can make inquiry at our center.

Place of Makeup: On Site or in Parlour as required by Customer.

Navya Bridal Package

Basic Bridal Service
Advance Bridal Package
Exclusive Bridal Service