Is Body Waxing is better than Hair Removal Cream?

Is Body Waxing is better

Too much hair or darken hair on our skin makes us look more darken. It is not easy to get rid of these hairs from our body permanently. Permanent hair removal procedure in India is still more expensive and requires more care after the procedure. At parlor level, waxing the hair is easier and affordable procedure for everyone.  Instead Hair removal cream or razor is not the solution, especially for women’s. Here we are discussing why?

Navya Waxing service in Varanasi - Is Body Waxing is better than Hair Removal Cream?

Hair Removal Cream or Razor side effects on our skin.

First, we look about “Hair Removal Cream”. Hair Removal Cream is made of chemical which may or may not suit you. Every skin has different types and responses against chemical treatment. Sometimes you will feel a burning sensation on applying the hair removal cream. The main reason for this burning sensation is that your skin badly reacts with the applied chemical. You will may burn and receives darken spots by those products and there will be more pain during those time. This may be persisting for longer time. You may be infected by various skin generated disease. That’s why Hair Removal Cream is not a recommended procedure.

Razor the hair is mostly a bad idea for the women. Skins hairs are very soft and mild. If you apply razor on the hair, those hairs will grow faster with high density. It’s our body natural property. In most of cases we have seen razor hair follicles generate more than one hair instead of a single hair. That is the most horrible stage for every woman. Besides hair problem, razor has more impact on our skin. Regular razor makes our skin harder and darker in color. Continuous use of razor turns fair complexion into darken one.

How Body Waxing is more effective over razor or hair removal cream?

Wax removes your hair from the root and even retard the hair growth by more than 2 weeks. In some cases we have seen that hair comes again after 4 weeks later. Cut and burns haven’t occurred in this process. Most of wax made from natural products like sugar, honey, chocolate, fruit essence etc. Always choose branded well known wax products from the market.

After waxing you will get more shiny and smooth skin in comparison to non-waxed skin.