For flawless, glowing skin, Body Wax is now the first choice for newcomer’s generations. Navya Body Waxing service is done by trained beautician. Besides but more effective, using hair removal cream or razor shave for unwanted hair, Waxing is one of the best choices. Waxing pulls the hair from root and reduces the rate of hair growth of removing hair area. We do full body wax. Instead of full body we wax for face, underarms, Hand, Legs and bikini area.

Navya Waxing service in Varanasi

Waxing gives you a beautiful and smooth skin touch, that never achieved by hair removal cream or razor shave. Besides, other method makes your skin rough and hard. In waxing, you will never find the burning sensational feeling after service.

First time waxing makes you uncomfortable. But during continuous course of waxing, you will feel the process at ease. Waxing should be done at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks. The more you wax, the less hair grows back. Here you will service with Hard and Soft wax. Instead, wax in flavor, like chocolate, fruit etc is also available.