At Navya, you will get all services related to Salon Skin Care. For all type of skins, we have various range of products to apply. Beaching, De-Tanning, Clean Ups, Face packs, Facial, De Pigmentation and Acnex Facial are major Services in “Navya Beauty care and Spa” Salon.

De-Tanning at Navya Beauty Care and Spa Varanasi

Bleach used to reduce melanin, enhance the skin tone, reduce dark complexion. If skins looks somewhere dark and somewhere light, doing bleach makes you skin color uniform. acne spots, discolored patches on the face, age spots, moles, birthmarks and scars can be cured by Skin Beaching.

De-Tanning is somewhat different from skin bleaching. Excessive expose of Sun UV’s rays and pollution makes your skin darker and burnt look. Removing the dead skin cells and lightning the tanned skin are done under De-Tanning process, and You will get new rejuvenating skins.

Face Packs is a part of complete facial. It tightens the skin and reduce the dryness. For every skin type we have various branded products, so that results will comes instantly. We choose right products for your face, not local made.

At Navya Beauty Care you will found Normal, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Pearl Facial Kits which are conventional. But we have more advanced facial kits like, Instant Glow, Chocolate, Skin Rejuvenation, Wine, anti ageing, Anti Pigmentation and Hydrating facial kits.

All services may not include in this website. For more clarification, please contact us at our center.